Artists Statement

I am a second year degree student studying for my Degree in Painting. I have a great love for the artists of the past and investigate their methods, techniques and practices in the hope that my own will evolve sufficiently to be able to join on the end of that illustrious line.

Much of the work included in this virtual exhibition is on display at the studio in Sutherland Villas London, except where noted in the captions as on virtual loan from the original purchaser. For provenance purposes the gallery maintainss a strict record of the purchasers of original works and is pleased to honour the initial owners below. All of the initial owners have granted the gallery the lisence to produce prints from the original work/

In line with other art institutions I recommend that the collection be viewed wearing headphones, there is, as yet, due to technical and copyright issues no commentary to the exhibition so your own choice of music would be suitable. Unlike other institutions, due to health and safety issues, the gallery is unable to provide headphones for your use during your visit and sugest that you provide your own.

I would be more than delighted to give you a tour of the real collection should you wish to view the collection, commission or purchase a painting or buy a print please get in touch using the contact page. 



Capel Manor, Enfield, UK. Enfield Art Circle, Summer Exhibition 2016.

Museum of Modern Art, New York USA. In the Studio: art by MoMA's Online Learning Community 2018.


Garden tools; Collection of Mrs Elizabeth Whyte

Hay Baling evening; Collection of Mr Charles Vance

Dolphins: Collection of Ms Anne Garry

Lion; Collection of Kerry

Tiger; Collection of Ms Tina Soul

European door; Collection of Mr Mario Georgio

Butterfly with orange; Collection of Miss Cleo Roughton Whyte

Venice 1; Collection of Mrs Susan Ormshaw 

Coming to Anerica; Collection of Mrs Louise Lightwood